1.Q: According to the standard price of the oxygen chamber, what components are included in the purchase?

A: It includes an oxygen generator, cabin, load-bearing frame, and all system components. You don't need to purchase any additional items.

2. Q: When using it, do you need a professional technician or doctor to operate the equipment?

A: Generally, it is not necessary. We will provide product manuals to our customers, and they can safely use our hyperbaric oxygen chamber by following the instructions in the manual.

3. Q: How to install after receiving the chamber?

A: We will provide customers with installation videos, and you can safely follow the steps in the video. Additionally, we will offer online installation guidance and training.

4.Q: What are the contraindications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

A: Elderly individuals with high blood pressure, generally defined as having a blood pressure of 160/110 mmHg or higher, should not use it.

Those with severe emphysema, bullous lung disease, or severe upper respiratory tract infections should not use it.

Pregnant women, individuals with infectious diseases, and those with severe illnesses should not use it.

Individuals with severe rhinitis or otitis media should not use it.

5.Q: What are the potential side effects ?

A: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally considered safe and typically does not cause side effects in most individuals. However, in extremely rare cases, some side effects may occur.

Discomfort in the ears: During the treatment, the pressure changes inside the chamber may cause discomfort or earache, similar to the ear pressure adjustment experienced during air travel. To alleviate this discomfort, you can try performing throat exercises, swallowing, chewing gum, or using special earplugs.

Dizziness and headache: During the treatment process, some people may experience mild dizziness or headaches. This is usually caused by changes in oxygen concentration and pressure and is often temporary.

Nausea and vomiting: A few patients may feel nauseous or vomit in the high-pressure environment. This could be related to sudden pressure changes.

Restlessness and anxiety: During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, some individuals may feel uneasy or anxious. This could be attributed to the enclosed environment, high oxygen concentration, and extended time spent in the chamber. In such cases, it is important to stay relaxed.

6.Q: What are the benefits and improvements of using oxygen chamber for my body?

A: Promote wound healing: High concentration of oxygen and increased pressure help accelerate the wound healing process by stimulating blood circulation and providing more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. 

Alleviate inflammation: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce inflammatory reactions by decreasing the activity of inflammatory cells and inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators.

Improve blood circulation: In a hyperbaric oxygen environment, oxygen dissolves at a higher pressure in the blood, promoting the transport of oxygen to tissues and organs and improving blood circulation.

Enhance immune function: High concentrations of oxygen can boost the immune system's functionality by promoting the activity of white blood cells and increasing antibacterial capabilities, thereby enhancing the body's resistance to infections.

Reduce pain: The high concentration of oxygen and high-pressure environment can release endogenous painkillers, such as endorphins and dopamine, thereby reducing pain sensation.

Tissue repair: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can stimulate the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells, promoting tissue repair and regeneration.

Improve neurological function: For certain neurological disorders or injuries, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve neurological function by enhancing nerve conduction, reducing inflammatory reactions, and promoting nerve repair.

7.Q: How long will each treatment last?

A: The recommended treatment duration is 60 to 120 minutes. The therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment are best observed with long-term usage. For improvements in mental well-being, the effects are typically noticeable from the first week. However, for patients with chronic injuries, the treatment may require 15 to 40 days or even longer to achieve the desired results.

8.Q: How I would feel during the treatment?

A: Pressure changes: When the pressure increases inside the chamber, you may feel pressure changes in your ears, similar to the sensation during take-off and landing on an airplane. This is because the changing pressure affects the middle ear cavity.

Warmth and comfort: The high oxygen concentration inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber may give you a sense of warmth and comfort.

Sensation of stuffiness: Inside the chamber, due to the enclosed environment and high oxygen concentration, you may experience a sensation of stuffiness. This is a normal reaction.

Feeling of thirst: In a high-concentration oxygen environment, you may experience dry mouth or thirst. This is because the effect of oxygen can cause slight dehydration in your body. It is essential to maintain proper hydration by consuming an adequate amount of water before and after the treatment.

9.Q: Can it be oxygen poisoning?

A: The pressure in the mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber will be maintained at around 1.3 ATA, so it will not cause oxygen toxicity.

10.Q: What about the product warranty ?

A: We will provide one year of warranty and lifelong maintenance. For specific details, you can contact our customer service representatives, and we will do our utmost to protect your rights and interests.

11.Q: How do I clean the oxygen chamber ?

A: Use alcohol to wipe the interior of the chamber, and at the same time, turn on the machine to run for a period of time to ensure air circulation. The cushions can be taken out for washing and drying. It is recommended to replace the pneumatic equipment's filter cotton once a year.

12.Q: How should I prepare and pay attention to, and what are the special requirements before and after treatment ?

A: It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing. When entering the chamber, please remove your shoes and sharp jewelry. There are not many other precautions. You can undergo oxygen therapy for an appropriate duration according to your needs.