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MHBOT Chamber Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber KS01

MHBOT Chamber Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber KS01

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Experience the benefits of high-pressure oxygen therapy on the go. Improve your health and well-being with our convenient and effective solution. 

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KS01 Detailed information


1.3 ATA (4 psi) operating pressure

Durable, fire-resistant and high tenacity chamber

Tamper-proof, dual redundant pressure regulator valves

Patented 2-zipper seal assemblies

Designed for improved airflow through chamber during treatments

Rigid frame that maintains form when deflated

Adjustable chair contoured to fit inside the chamber

Manufactured with nontoxic, medical grade components


  • Chamber:  44.1lbs ( 20 kgs)
  • Frame:  4.41lbs ( 7 kgs)
  • Compressor:  41.9lbs ( 48.5 kgs)


Max Length(inflated): 70.1 in (178 cm)

Width(inflated): 43.3 in (110 cm)

Height(inflated): 51.1 in (130 cm)

What do you get?
Hyperbaric chamber
Air compressor
fatigue relief, sleeping quality enhancement, energy level increase, fast recovery, resolve alcohol concentration, boost cellular metabolism,sports injury inflammation, children’s autims, celebral palsy, diabetic wounds, lyme disease, anti-aging, beauty seeker.